Remembering Larry West

larry west.scandinavian of the year.

It is with deep sadness we share the news of Larry West’s passing on Friday, August 11th. Larry served in the Vietnam War, was named Scandinavian of the year in 2012. He was an active member of the Danish Brotherhood In America and greatly loved and respected by all that knew him. His service will be held at Willamette National in Portland at 10:00 am on August 30th. A reception will follow at Morgann Johansen’s home.

Scandinavian of the Year 2012
30+ year work history with DBIA #167, Danish Camp, NWDF/NWDA, DBIA/DSS PNW District.
National Fraternalist-of-the-year 2006 by the Woodmen of the World/Assured Life Association in Greenwood, CO.
10+ year history of volunteer work with Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Larry enjoyed being involved in the Reynold’s High School Veteran’s Day: he went to classrooms and participated in various presentations to the students.

Larry West was honored as Scandinavian of the Year in 2012. This was the first time that a Dane had received the honor since 1997 when Kaja Voldbaek won the award.

Jan Baer shared, “I remember what a sweetheart Larry West was, helping both our lodges with events such as Fastelavn, and he made generous contributions of stuffed toys to make sure the tradition of “Pete’s Table” was carried on.  He always made sure we had a supply of that hard-to-find Carlsberg beer.  He was instrumental in planning for so many activities, conventions, etc.”

Brotherhood member Jesper Pedersen graciously shared about his final visit with Larry West, “I went to check on Larry and I prayed for him. We spoke for about half an hour. We spoke about his commitment to this wonderful country, about his time as a platoon leader in Vietnam. I told him that he was a hero and a wonderful inspiration to me and others. He asked me sharply: “Why?” I told him because he always helped and put other people first. He liked my answer. I told him that I knew that he had been so good and supportive to his “boys” in the military.  I showed him my prospective farm in Denmark. He was very happy for me and was going to pray for me to get this dream to come true.”
SAYING GOODBYE TO LARRY: “I went to see Larry several weeks before he passed away. He was in great spirits and very welcoming. We talked about many things. We held hands and I prayed for him. We talked about the Bible verses he remembered learning in Vacation Bible School when he was a child. We talked about the amazing life he had lived and how he had been richly blessed. We didn’t want to leave each other; every time I thought I should leave we just found more things to talk about. I asked him if he wanted to say something to the lodge members and he said, ‘“I heard a lodge luncheon had to be canceled because there were not enough reservations. It is good if members are timely with their RSVP’s.”’~~Charlene Jensen